The Catalyst Builders Team has a 30-year history of being flexible and responsive to client needs. What differentiates us from others is our proven ability to take a diverse team of trade subcontractors and focus them on achieving project goals, all the while encouraging the flow of ideas and continuous improvement during the construction process. We listen-to-understand and then execute with precision – always in the best interest of our client and overall project. This is a fundamental reason why the Catalyst Builders Team has built a solid reputation for meeting construction schedules and unique project requirements in all types of construction – and for some of the most demanding clients.

Other key reasons for using Catalyst Builders for the construction of your project include:

  • Our relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, both local and in surrounding communities, gives us the ability to reach a more diversified base. This is extremely important to value engineering and netting a better value for you.
  • Catalyst Builders is a design-build company adept at handling these items, including but not limited to fire protection systems, fire sprinkler monitoring system, fire alarm system, HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Our use of technology in job site facilitation is state-of-the-art, resulting in improved information flow, daily and real time coordination of trade contractors, and increased efficiency and productivity from all team members. This is critical to achieving the project schedule, and again nets a better value for you.
  • Our construction quality, and the quality of our services, is second to none. It’s the direct result of years of continuous improvement involving everyone, from top management to project managers to job site superintendents to trade contractors to workers to even suppliers. Every member of a Catalyst Builders Team is required to make a serious commitment to meeting project goals, improving quality, performing work in a safe manner, and increasing productivity. Simply put, we will do “whatever it takes”, and this translates into team members staying late or showing up on weekends to keep on schedule. We simply cannot say enough about the benefits this will yield for you in terms of schedule, quality, and value.